Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hardy Heron ... Ubuntu's latest !

I installed Ubuntu latest LTS (Long Term Support) release Hardy Heron on my Thinkpad T60p. I have heard/read a lot of good, bad and ugly things about Hardy.

Here's mine.

The Good

Installation goes smooth. This is something the Ubuntu folks have mastered.
Wireless, Suspend to Ram and Hibernate work out of the box.
Earlier neither of these worked for my T60p with Atheros Wireless Card and ATI Graphics Card.
I guess the drivers improved with the kernel that shipped with Hardy.
But can't take the credit away from Ubuntu for proper packaging.
This is another thing that Ubuntu does really well.

The Bad

Why is a beta version of Firefox 3 shipped with a LTS version? Ok, the updates install the GA version of Firefox.
The only reason i see is that they expected Firefox 3 would be released very soon and a upgrade would be easier.
Seems reasonable ? For a naive Desktop user (their potential market) can't say so!
The beta version of Firefox 3 crash abruptly and / or consumes a lot of CPU and becomes slow.

$sudo apt-get install kde

This command doesn't install all essential components for kde to be setup right like knetworkmanager, dolphin, kaffeine etc.
I had to do a
$sudo apt-cache search kubuntu | sudo apt-get install -y

Is Ubuntu at fault or kde or the way the repos are organized ?

The Ugly

When i put the lid of the laptop down and lift it up, the entire gui screen get borked. The redrawing mechanism seems to be the culprit. When i switch to a another terminal and back, the gui screen comes to normal.
It took a while for me to realize this. I just kept killing the X session.

Final verdict: The Good features (which i desperately wanted) win over the rest and i am happy [:)]

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