Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Follow up to "Hardy Heron..... Ubuntu's latest!"

Adding two more to the Ugly things in Hardy....

1. If the network cable is not plugged in, while start up the corresponding ethernet drivers for wired network
is not loaded. When i manually modprode it, i still don't see a eth0 interface and dmesg doesn't give any error!!

2. Suddenly, after the recent updates the sound stopped working and kmix started cribbing.
I realized that the snd-hda-intel ( sound driver for intel chipsets) was not loaded.
I had to manually modprobe it in.

This surely bad and takes Ubuntu away from being user friendly. I wonder if a naive user would be able to figure out the problem ..

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varun said...

I also face problems when i suspend (while using wireless) and resume back to find that i cannot reconnect using wired n/w. Even restarting NetworkManager does not work