Monday, February 2, 2009

Hiding Zipped Files Under Jpg Images

Sometimes we come across situations when we have to hide certain files. There are many methods in which this can be accomplished. This is one of the many ways to do so. This applies to only zip file contents.

Step 1: Zip the file/folder to be hidden

#zip xyz.ppt

Lets assume that abc.jpg is the image we are using for the camouflage.
Step 2: Hide the zipped contents

#cat abc.jpg > new.jpg

The new.jpg will be jpg file that hides the zipped content. The file will have meta data as jpg and any image viewer will be able to open it.

To extract the hidden contents:

#unzip new.jpg

Vola!! Thats it. Its as simple as it is! Thanks to Naveed for this tip.


ego said...

works only for zip/unzip. Tried bzip2/bunzip2, doesn't work for that one...

varun said...

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