Friday, March 13, 2009

Sametime on Koepete

Last year cheezo had blogged about getting pidgin to support sametime protocol. It was great, but as KDE guy i missed it on Kopete. Its only recently i got myself to try it & viola it worked with just a little effort. I have the latest versions of these packages on my KDE 4.2.1 intrepid box (yes i live the bleeding edge tech, but any version of KDE 4.1.x which supports kdenetwork - 4:4.1.80-0ubuntu1 should do the job).

- kopete 4:4.2.1-0ubuntu1~intrepid1
- libmeanwhile1 1.0.2-3+ocdc3+intrepid (I got it from ocdc repo, libmeanwhile is also there in ubuntu multiverse)
- kopete-meanwhile 0.1-0ubuntu2, (optional, can be downloaded from here.)

With the above all installed you should see the "Meanwhile" as one of the options in the _messaging services_ list in Kopete. Add a new account & continue with the username & password in the pretty straightforward _Basic Setup_ tab. The only tweaking required was the "Client Identifier" info in the _Connections_ tab. Use the option & no.s in the shot below.

With that you should be good to go.